April Casswell

Working as a counsellor for 12 years April has built a reputation for engaging clients and understanding their unique story through empathic listening. April has been trained at Relationships Australia completing the well regarded Specialist Course in Couples Therapy.


Currently she works as a Counsellor and Couples Counsellor at Enhanced Care Psychology Camberwell. She a practitioner at The Health and Wellbeing Studio Camberwell and at Psychology Melbourne in the CBD. She works days, evenings and weekends across three locations to accommodate a range of client needs.  

April has worked as a freelance counsellor for 6 years, initially at The Three Seas Psychology Group and then for the well regarded Reflection Psychology. Prior to this she worked as a counsellor and Workplace Capacity Assessor at Centrelink for 4 years. Having a strong careers counselling background, April worked in Rehabilitation and Recruitment utilizing her Organisational Psychology skills and undertaking Psychometric Assessments. She has worked for the Job Network for 6 years as a personal support program counsellor, trainer, vocational psychologist and individual counsellor assisting long term unemployed into meaningful work. Her roles included case management, drug and alcohol work, personal development classes, coaching and vocational training and placement.  Her career started as an Applied Behaviour Analysis Therapist with children on the Autism Spectrum where she employed behavioural strategies for change. All these experiences combine to provide a rich background to better inform her work as an individual and couples counsellor.

April’s Special Interest Areas Are:

  • Couples Therapy & Relationships
  • Mental Health
  • Anxiety Management
  • Self Esteem & Communication