Counselling Approach

Aprils Unique Approach to Counselling

April Casswell is a Psychologist trained at Monash University. She is specialised in Counselling following her positive experience at Crisis Line. After successfully completing the well regarded Cairnmillar Institute Internship and Certificate in Counselling and Psychodynamic Therapy she undertook 7 years of counselling experience. With this experience in hand she was chosen to complete the demanding Specialist Course in Couples Therapy which grew her Psychodynamic and Systems counselling skills.

April is highly motivated as a Psychologist by her passion to go on a discovery with her clients as to the source of their suffering or to identify their unique needs. She is aware issues of anxiety or depression can be from a deeper source than day to day problems and is prepared to unravel with her clients the source of their pain. This challenge is why April works as a Psychologist. With the capacity for compassion and deep listening she can help clients hear what is happening for them. This helps clients on the path of healing or change.

Can Psychology Really Help?
Most Psychologists agree on the main factors towards better mental health. We advise a holistic approach; that you have a healthy and balanced lifestyle with good social supports. That you exercise, do activities that boost your self-worth and give your life meaning. That you develop people and conflict management skills to enjoy relating well interpersonally. We teach skills to manage your emotions and to keep your thoughts and behaviours helpful to the situations you are in.

So if Psychologists are on the same page how do you choose one?
Research shows that the therapeutic relationship is key. My task then is to create a safe trusting environment. I believe I continue to be referred clients because I have helped people to find this trust and work towards solutions. I have a sense of humour being open and real. I practice within the APS ethical guidelines and undertake supervision of my practice to better client outcomes.

Who can benefit from Counselling with April?
Those with mental health issues: anxieties, low self-esteem. Issues relating to others, issues for Couple Therapy or for low motivation or depression. Work Issues: I also am skilled at addressing issues at work. Perfectionism, career management. Communication and boundary issues with coworkers are common concerns. Quite often clients benefit from help with their assertive language and interpersonal communication skills which I have run workshops in.

Therapies: I draw upon a range of therapies as listed below. Overall, clients report the most powerful difference is having someone ‘who connects with me’ who listens to them sincerely, carefully and provides practical resources. I teach skills to use at home or at work. If this sounds like what you would benefit from, please take that step to enquire.

April Welcomes Your Confidential Enquiries On 0411 124 022.
• CBT Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
• REBT Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy
• IPT Interpersonal Therapy
• Psychodynamic Therapy (Brief)
• Behavioural Interventions –
• Sleep Hygiene (For issues with Insomnia or Bi-polar)
• Couples Therapy (Genogram - Psychodynamic, Structural, Systems)

Relaxation Therapies:
• Guided Visual Relaxation,
• Progressive Muscle Relaxation,
• Diaphragmatic Breathing Techniques,
• Psycho education of Flight Fight Response; the amygdala and the parasympathetic nervous system.
• Mindfulness & Meditation
• Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
• Coaching – Emotional Intelligence Approach with Communication Skills Strategies
• Bi-polar – Non Medical Interventions to Reduce Triggers to Episodes


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